Empire Merch - Huxley Robots Oversized Mousepad

Empire Merch - Huxley Robots Oversized Mousepad

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The future of digital art is here.

NFTs are a game changer in the way we access art online.
CFP supports the growth of artists and projects which intend to grow and explode online. The internet is a marketplace for people to collaborate and share art in a way that we couldn't in the past. We are excited to take this step, and share this awesome art with you!

What are Huxley Robots?

HUXLEY Robots are a collection of 1000 Robot Avatars created by Ben Mauro. Forged on the planet of Fury-7, each Robot is a hand-drawn 1:1 piece of art that has travelled across galaxies from the HUXLEY Universe. There are 10 Categories of Robots, each representing a different general visual theme, with special rarity traits distributed across the entire collection. HUXLEY Avatars can only be minted with a Genesis Token.

Visit huxleysaga.com/tokenomics to learn more about acquiring a Genesis Token redeemable for a Robot or future Avatar.

Join the hunt for HUXLEY Comics and HUXLEY Robots.

Excerpt taken from OpenSea

About our Custom Playmats

  • Made out of high quality rubber with a soft polyester coating which is where your image goes.
  • Can be spot cleaned + easily rolled up into a storage tube when not in use.

Size Guidelines:
600 mm x 400 mm x 2-3 mm