Gamers corner - online decentralized gaming, collectibles and cryptocurrencies

At the gaming collective we love all things gaming and we are a big fan of the decentralization movement, online gaming, online collectibles (nft's-nonfungible tokens) and cryptocurrencies.

We have created the gaming corner to shed some light on decentralized online gaming and the value it brings to gamers from all walks of life. Many of you may be familiar with online communities like steam, rocketleague, world of warcraft, minecraft etc etc which give you the ability to sell/swap your in-game items to other players.

Where decentralized gaming differs is that in game items (wearables, weapons, characters etc) can be sold on secondary markets and the currencies you exchange for these items can be converted to a number of different cryptocurrencies or converted to traditional fiat of your choice and withdrawn into your bank account. Many of these in game items fetch thousands of dollars because of their rarity (and also hype!), but the fact remains is their is value in each and every item you buy or acquire in game. 

The following section will highlight different games, marketplaces, virtual worlds and companies that are involved with the decentralized online gaming space many of which have taken traditional gaming an brought them to the online space.