Blankos Block Party

This massive multiplayer online game brings vinyl characters to life in a bright and colorful 3d world. You create a squad of characters and play mini-multiplayer games or go on quests and earn cool outfits to trick out your characters.

The focus of this MMOG is creating your own virtual world, decking out your vinyl characters and of online interaction between other players. The in game items have value, can be purchased or obtained from in-game play and are worth collecting for resale value or as a keepsake. 

Blankos uses blockchain technology to verify ownership of all Blankos (the vinyl characters) and in game items as well as verify all transaction on an immutable ledger. 

You don't need to know how to code to create a block party within Blankos! all in game design is created by simply dragging and dropping items into your block party making the game design fun and easy

Currently the beta version is available online for free for PC and can be downloaded from

Blankos block party