Red Fox Labs - KOGS (Digital POGS)

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 Red Fox Labs are the inventors of the online game called KOGS, which combines art (NFT's) and online gaming together. Blockchain is at the core of Red Fox Labs and KOGS gaming and  powered by the RFOX token. 

KOG's is a fun interactive game, much like POG's which is a game many would have played as kids. Through the online art collectibles marketplace called Atomichub you can purchase packs of KOG's or individuals slammers and kogs.  Completed sets of these KOGS (A.K.A Keys to other games) can be used to earn RFOX tokens which can be resold via a number of online marketplaces. The KOG's themselves are valuable and can be resold for varying prices depending on rarity, foiling, borders etc etc

These kogs will be used to play in the KOG's Slam! game which is currently in closed beta testing however, is planned to be released for the general public towards the end of March. 

The team have eluded to the further developments, perhaps further game developments/ land ownerships/ different games etc. A very exciting road ahead and definitely a game to keep your eye on.

Find out more at :

Purchase RFOX tokens at :

or via uniswap. Please find a tutorial on how to perform the swap here

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