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So pretty hot off the press - the following game has been created by one and only Andre Cronje; famous crypto developer who started Yearn Finance which was a give away free token to his telegram followers. Each telegram member received 300 yearn tokens which are now worth in excess of $30000 USD each at the time of writing this article. 

Andre a avid D&D fan has created the following game called Rarity :

"Inspired by loot, but with a different core mechanic approach. Anyone can create a summoner, there are no limits, it doesn’t cost anything (other than gas). Once per day a summoner can adventure, earning 250xp. Once you have earned the required amount of xp to advance a level, you can level_up.

As you level up, you earn feats and spell slots"

If your not a crypto native you will need to learn how to use metamask and mutlichain.xyz to migrate money over to Fantom Opera blockchain. Crypto is still in such an infant stage of development that a lot of time is required to be spent learning how to navigate the ecosystem but, living in a economy with an inflationary monetary system means that the race to acquire value accruing non-fiat assets is heating up. In the not to distant future blockchain will be connected to everyone's lives through backend programming money transfers etc. However, in the meantime gaming has to be the one best evolution of the use of blockchain tech.

Links to exchanges/game/wallets etc below:

Game : https://rarity-game.netlify.app/https://www.raritymanifested.com/

Medium article explaining the game : https://andrecronje.medium.com/loot-rarity-d341faa4485c

Metamask : https://metamask.io/

Adding fantom opera: https://docs.fantom.foundation/tutorials/set-up-metamask

Swap from ERC20 to Fantom Opera blockchain : https://multichain.xyz/

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