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Guys as you can probably tell I am obsessed with blockchain tech and gaming; the play to earn model will be the next big thing in the gaming world and all the NFT's you collect in these games have real world value. These games have mass appeal and no longer require complicated set-ups to join servers etc; this has all been done for you all you have to do is jump in immerse yourself and have fun. Add the next level of VR and most people will be hooked. Find a genre you like and no doubt there will be a game that suits your tastes.

From the developers of Blockade Games Neon Districts took my interest right away; the in game graphic rendering looks awesome and no doubt will make a fantastic VR game in the future if this is on the cards. Blockade games looks to focused on making games of blockchain nature with all games being built blockchain centric with saleable NFTS!

The game has a Final Fight vibe, you get to choose a character and battle baddies across as 2D landscape but with more levelling up and the ability to earn an income. What's not to like about this industry especially when we are all stuck at home isolating because a pandemic has limited our lifestyles. 

So you start the game by choosing one of five characters for free however, you can buy more. Each character is a different class and has different abilities and you can level up the character gear, edit the characters genome, make teams of characters, create delivery teams.... so basically you deliver pizza within the Neon utopia to earn money however, you encounter dangerous foes en-route. As you venture through different tiers you face more difficult enemies; you can conduct more elicit activities in order to earn higher rewards - in this case crime pays.

Here is a how to play guide:

Get on board an have some fun!

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