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The play to earn space is really heating up and personally I believe this will be the next frontier in gaming. With so many pioneering companies in this space blockchain gaming is due to explode. Decentralisation of everything is coming to pretty much every space over burdened with middle men and greed and gaming is no different.

There are already a good handful of inspirational projects bringing decentralised monetisation to gaming from Axie Infinity, Red fox Labs, Decentraland, Somnium Space, Game credits, Enjin and list goes on. Exciting blockchain tech organisations like WAX/Atomic Hub have open marketplaces which allow free trade between individuals for collectible NFT's (non fungible tokens). NFT's allow for the free trade of art and in it's most simplistic way contracts; i.e. these NFT's are completely verifiable blocks of information which can convey ownership/ rights/ imbedded code which can do wonderful things like forever trickle commission to artists who have created the art - forever changing the way money changes hands; essentially spreading the love.

WAX will be bringing a battle royal style game called HodlGod with pretty impressive graphics in 2022. This is just the start of the gaming revolution that will no doubt change the world just like the advent of the internet. 

"HodlGod is a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, dynamic, third-person battle royale — the likes of which have never been seen before. Designed to be artistically similar to semi-realistic games such as Skyrim, this action-packed adventure also adds a bit of fantasy to the overall look and experience of the characters and their surroundings." https://medium.com/wax-io/hodlgod-on-wax-d8b4023d4d4f

"There are two basic fighting styles: pick off your foes one-by-one as the hidden sharpshooter with a bow, or face your enemies head-on with dual-wield weapons. Each weapon is essentially the same in functionality, however, the visual side of the skins may vary. Players will have the option to choose from a variety of melee weapons, such as a scythe, sword, or axe. Mix and match your play style to fabricate a lethal blow and ultimately outlast the competition."https://medium.com/wax-io/hodlgod-on-wax-d8b4023d4d4f

Check out the medium article linked above to see some video of the game play; once people wrap their heads around the fact that the money you invest into your gaming can grow into more money rather than forever, be lost ..... the space will explode.





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