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As you may have guessed it we have a bit of a theme going on with online virtual world/gaming. This blog post is no exception as we are featuring Decentraland which is one of the older crypto projects that involve online gaming and virtual worlds. 

In a nutshell Decentraland is a online virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain with the native currency being MANA (erc-20 token on ethereum). You can buy the MANA token directly through a number of exchanges or via the decentralized UNISWAP platform. Here is a list of available exchanges or purchase directly via Binance using this link

The Decentraland virtual world is HUGE and would literally take forever to casually walk around the entire metaverse with your online character. The great thing about Decentraland compared to other online virtual worlds is that you can play directly via your browser online, all you need to do is register a new account (set-up a metamask wallet for gas fee's if you want to purchase in game wearables/art/games etc) and create/customize your avatar and then jump online.

Being one of the older  online decentralized games and most well known projects they have a lot of developers working with them and partnerships in the works which means a lot of content and loads of online support via discord, twitter etc. 

Just like some of the other online virtual platforms you are able to buy virtual plots of land and build your own games on your land. You can monetize these games by charging players MANA to play your games or even rent out your own land to other developers. Believe it or not you can actually mortgage properties just like the real world! But also being one of the most popular projects land value's in Decentraland are not cheap with even the cheapest plots of land currently priced around $1400USD!

Building on your land is quite versatile; you can either use a drag and drop style builder if your not experienced with coding or if you are a developer you can code your own reality. 

There are big things in the works for Decentraland with partnerships with ATARI and many other big retailers/exchanges and projects have already set-up shop within the virtual world.

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